About us



Our status is overcoming the aid dependency mindset and promote equal right to higher education, women, empowerment, sustainable agrifood research and international travels.

The Agency supports the services involving scholarship’s to higher education, Innovative research and International tour.
Fugen aim of upgrading the efficiency of the structures and promotes synergies with other nationals and European funding sources to the right to international education.


In this framework, more complex interventions designed as a driving force for the realization of an integrated system of universities,international conferences,career training and guidance,research and innovation at the basic level.

Our inclusiveness and participation empower the creation of knowledge networks as a resource for our direct operations.


FUGEN INTERNATIONAL hinged on the principles of inclusiveness and participation, that draw our strength from the constant involvement and listening to all stakeholders (students, citizens, corporations, researchers, tourists, etc.) who live, study and work in and around the globe.

Our inclusiveness and participation empowers the creation of knowledge networks as a resource for our direct operations.


FUGEN INTERNATIONAL face the challenges of the globalization means to create real opportunities for social, cultural and economic wellbeing that can be attained only through a strong policies, enhancing knowledge and experiences that will help to connect with the international world with the individuals and or corporate donation’s to salvage such a challenge to touch lives